A Little Introduction


I don't expect many people to read this but I thought I'd just introduce myself and tell you a bit about my plans for this blog.

I was inspired to begin blogging through my intense obsession of reading other peoples blogs and finding out what is happening in their lives, and 'voilĂ ', this is the result of that sudden burst if inspiration. I read quite a lot of blogs on the wonderful tool that is the internet. I read a lot of beauty blogs, fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, food and drink blogs and some blogs that are simply a documentation of someone's day to day life. My personal favourite blogs are: Essie button's blogLily Melrose's blogTravelettes; Ben Brown's blog and many many more. As a result of my variety of preferences in terms of blog types this blog will include elements of everything I like and enjoy and will represent me and my life perfectly, I hope. 

So, let us talk a little about what I consider to be the best topic of conversation, myself (only kidding, haha). I by definition am student but that can sound like I am saying I'm at University so lets just say I am a 'school-goer', living in Norwich, England. I am currently in year 11 of school and I am actually really enjoying it. I have always been a fan of school and I have recently discovered that the stress of exams and school work doesn't have too much of an impact on me so I have begun to really like school. I am a vegetarian, I adore cooking and all things to do with food and I'm looking to turn vegan in the future. I also love music, travelling, and the beauty of the world that surrounds us. Finally I am an optimist and I believe that there is beauty in every thing around us (hence my url). My main life ambition is to make all the people around me truly happy. 

To conclude: Welcome to my blog; This is a blog with a very strong 'anything goes' policy; and make sure you enjoy your life as much as you possibly can.

Hope you have a fantastic day,
Love Elizabeth xx


  1. I look forward to you future blog posts! Come check mine out too at http://melissygoose.blogspot.com/ Thanks for letting me visit!



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15 year old, England, with a passion for food, nature and music.
I dream of travelling, making others happy and discovering the true beauties of our wonderful planet.
“You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down”